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Month: September 2017

  • Some Machinery And Equipment That Must Be Available For The Fabrication Of Metal

    As we know already, the fabrication of metal plays a rather large role in creating and putting out various designs. Without the process of fabrication of metal, we would be not be able to enjoy certain luxuries that we have today, ranging from small ones such as our cutlery to large ones such as cars and even buildings. Knowing this might give you an idea about how important fabrication of metal is. In fact, there are lots of different types and processes of the fabrication of metal such as machining, cutting and folding. Cutting is the simple cutting of metal or steel; machining is the removal of metal from a different piece of material while folding is the bending of metal to retain a various shape. There are plenty of other types involved as well. There are also a lot of different industries that depend on the fabrication of metal such as architectural industries; forging and stamping industries; and even boilers and shipping containers as well. But there are some important machines needed to all of this!

    Hydraulic press brakes

    A press brake is an equipment used to do the folding process of custom metal fabrication and even commercial fabrication as well. As bending metal can be a hard thing to do, using these press brakes give you a chance to do so in a more accurate and simple manner with less errors. These press brakes also come in various sizes and colors as well so you can easily choose what you prefer. These machines let you carry on with the process quite easily with less chance of running in to deformations as that is something that usually happens when doing the folding process. 

    Swing – beam shears

    During the cutting process in metal or proper steel fabrication, there are a lot of different machines that are used to do the cutting. Some of these machines could be saws, water jets or even plasma torches and lasers as well. Another even better machine that can help with the cutting is a swing – beam shear and like press brakes these too are hydraulic. They are used to cut through very tough raw materials that are not very easy to get through! Using swing – beam shears is extremely easy to do and it reduces risks in the cutting process as well.

    An ironworker

    If you have a good quality ironworker present to do your fabrication process, then it is going to help you immensely. A good ironworker is as good as a swiss army knife in your pocket; extremely useful, makes the process very easy and saves your energy too. These machines are going to also save you the cost of labour and make your work twice as fast!