Living On Campus And Keeping It Clean

University is hard. Between assignments, the stress of keeping up with the rat race and having a semblance of a social life, cleaning is nothing short of a grueling chore. It’s best to keep in mind that your apartment should in the very least resemble that of a human’s and not a pig sty.

Keep it clean
Your frat brother may say the bedroom is where the magic happens. However, it’s important to remember that the kitchen is where the cooking happens. So, putting off cleaning it is a massive no-no. Not to mention a health risk. Be sure you make it a habit to wash your plates, mugs and glasses as soon as you’re done eating. That way there won’t be any dirty dishes piling up by the sink. If you are running late at least rinse the dish once to make sure there aren’t any leftover crumbs or sauces to go bad by the time you get back. Disinfecting and properly storing your kitchen appliances sale should also be a part of your cooking and cleaning routines. By not doing so you are inviting germs, pests and putting your health at risk. Improper use can also cause accidents.

Don’t be a party pooper
One simply cannot stress the importance of bathroom hygiene. Chances are you have roommates with whom you share a bathroom with. As will your guests or party attendees. They say make sure your toilet floors are clean enough to eat off of. With dozens of fellow classmates and friends hustling in and out of your house, that might be an impossible task. Stock up on cleaning supplies. Toilet paper and tooth paste is a given but have a plunger, toilet brush, disinfectant and floor cleaners under the bathroom sink or cupboard. Make sure the toilet bowl is clean before leaving the bathroom. Or else you will scar and disgust your roommate or guests with your soiled toilet. Not to mention the germs and bacterial build up that follows.

Clean behind the cushions
Living rooms are the ultimate chill zone. Everyone looks forward to settling down in front of the TV to play video games, chit chat, watch the latest episode of Game Of Thrones or have a drink with friends. Chips and cookies crumble, drinks spill, cheese melts and ice cream drips. From sweat to food to lose change the most definitely needs to be cleaned at least once a week. Sure, the cushions go flying in every direction when you can’t find your car keys but that will not do! Clean between every crook and grove to avoid any leftover crumbs or spills. Keeping the house clean is no impossible task. Break out the gloves and dish rags and get scrubbing! Make your mother proud!online-store